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Intervista del quotidiano Al-Raya all’Ambasciatore Prunas

Si riporta di seguito il testo dell’intervista in lingua inglese rilasciata dall’Ambasciatore Alessandro Prunas al quotidiano Al-Raya in data 28 aprile 2020.

1. What would you like to say to the Qatari people on the occasion of Ramadan especially during this global pandemic of Covid-19?

I would like to wish a blessed and peaceful Ramadan to all Muslim people in Qatar and around the world. The Holy Month is a time for prayers and reflection, which help connect with true values and seek deeper interior knowledge. It is also a time to embrace ethical conduct and good deeds. On this note, Qatar recently stepped up generously to support other nations, including Italy, in the common fight against the Covid-19 emergency, interpreting at best the authentic spirit of Ramadan. Although the pandemic will change this year the way Muslim people celebrate the Holy Month due for instance to the measures of social distancing in place, I strongly believe it will leave untouched the core values of Islam. On the contrary, they will be strengthened.

2. How many Ramadans in Qatar or Islamic World and how do you feel about it?

It is the very first Ramadan I have the opportunity to experience in an Islamic Country and I am very glad it is happening in Qatar, here people are particularly connected with their spirituality and traditional values. I feel a great respect for what the Holy Month means and represents for the Muslim people. I believe it is an opportunity for everyone – regardless one’s religion – to engage in a deeper introspection and spiritual fulfillment.

3. What is the most remarkable message or values about this month for you?

I think the specific message the Holy Month conveys this year is an encouragement to unity, moral strength and, as His Highness the Amir of the State of Qatar wisely remarked in his inspiring speech, to duty and individual responsibility towards the other and the society in general.This Covid-19 emergency has proved how deeply our countries and communities are interconnected. Every single behavior can have an impact on others’ health. We all need to be responsible and follow the measure in place to protect and safeguard our communities.

4. How could we make use of the spirit of Ramadan in fighting this pandemic?

The most important thing right now is being of service to others. I do not mean only material help, but also spiritual support. In these difficult times we really need to back each other, to give strength and courage to people with positive messages in order to reinforce trust and hope.

5. How do you assess the bilateral relations with Qatar and its future?

The relations between Italy and Qatar are strong and are inspired by a common vision which contributes to make our bonds solid and long-lasting. Being strategic partners means in particular to having the capacity to adapt to the developments of the international situation. This flexibility – despite having defined the pillars of our cooperation in all sectors – has brought to continuously embrace new fields of mutual interest. This common approach has delivered concrete results and I am confident will produce even more achievements in the future. For instance, Italy and Qatar are now cooperating to find the best way to combine scientific resources and know-how to confront COVID-19. Qatar Foundation RDI, through its research programmes, is working with Italian Universities of Rome Tor Vergata and Trieste to collect and analyse clinical and genomic information to understand the different impact of Covid-19 outbreak among the population. Qatar Foundation Hospital Mater Olbia in Sardinia is cooperating with other Italian research institutions and Hamad Medical Corporation CDC Centre on exploring new therapies based on the use of plasma from recovered patients. But the challenge we are currently facing together will not prevent our partnership to continue to grow in the long run. This is why both parties are implementing today extraordinary solutions to pave the way for a full economic recovery tomorrow, as soon as the emergency is over. Meanwhile Italian companies in Qatar remain solid and operative, ensuring business continuity, in compliance with the sanitary measures decided by the Qatari Government to protect the safety of their workers.


Di seguito il link all’intervista in lingua araba.