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Katara Traditional Dhow Festival – Opening of “Casa Italia”

The Embassy of Italy is glad to announce its participation for the second time to the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival to showcase the best Italian Traditions at Sea and celebrate together with the Qatari people and the other communities living in Doha the authentic maritime traditions of our countries. Casa Italia – literally “Italian Home” – has been conceived as a promotional space hosting the exhibition of Italian artisanal and food products and the live performance of Italian musicians and chefs to give an insight into the great variety/ of the maritime traditions of Italy. This year Casa Italia is particularly inspired to the city of Venice with its ancient history and traditions and Sardinia, the renowned marvelous island in the heart of the Mediterranean with its meaningful sea culture.

Mrs. Sara Marrocu, the Assessor for culture in Portoscuso – a fishermen village founded in 16th century based on fishing and coral miners – will bring the traditional tools used for the tuna fishing from the local Museum of fishery. A photographic exhibition courtesy of Martino Motti, will explain the different phases of the tuna fishing in Sardinia related to the “Tonnara”, a traditional method to catch tunas. Ladies in original Sardinian costumes will prepare handmade pasta and a Trio of musicians flying in from Cagliari will play “Launeddas” – a typical wind instrument – to entertain visitors with folk music.

The city of Venice
Casa Italia will also host the photographic exhibition “The timeless beauty of Venice” (courtesy of La Vela spa) showcasing the most beautiful spots of this marvelous city. Authentic Gondola vessels will be docked in front of the Italian stand with stewards in gondolier attire to take pictures with the visitors. Traditional Venetian art works made of handmade “vetro di Murano”, the authentic world-renowned Murano glass made by skilled glassblowers, will be on show with their rich colors and gold and silver specks.

Other activities

Artisanal handcrafted and painted plates from the Amalfi coast, the renowned Ceramics of Vietri with fish themes, will decorate an entire corner of Casa Italia. The plates on show are created by the skilled hands of Umberto D’Arienzo, who is member of a family of artisans and decorators and is carrying on the second-generation family traditions. The Municipal Councillor for Fishery of San Benedetto del Tronto, Mario Ballatore, will present a photographic exhibition of this renowned sea holiday destination located in the Marche Region and will bring some typical fishing nets from his town. Italian TV Chef Massimo Malantrucco will hold workshops at Casa Italia to explain the benefits of the healthy Mediterranean diet and Italian food products and perform live cooking shows to prepare traditional recipes. Several Italian restaurants in Doha and Italian food importing companies – Al Messilia Resort, IFG Lavazza, Carluccio’s, Colosseum, Bombo Crepes and Agrico – will delight visitors with the most popular Italian recipes and street-food to celebrate the authentic Italian cuisine and taste. Displayed at Casa Italia the “Aureum – Extra Virgin Olive Oil” from Apulia Region, a fine and delicate oil produced by the family company Sadaro. The oil is green in color with golden reflections and has the intense fruity flavor of freshly picked olives. The Italian musician Gabriele Giuliano and his folk group will play live at the stand traditional music from the South of Italy: pizzica, tarantella and tammuriata. The Italian Doha based saxophonist Ilenia Torsello will also join the live performances and delight the visitors with soft background music while they are enjoying the cultural display at Casa Italia.