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The opening of the exhibition “No boundaries”

The “No boundaries” Exhibition by the Italian artist Caterina Varchetta – a collection of around 40 canvas and porcelains – was opened on the 2nd of October 2019 and will be on display until the 13th of October.

Organized by the Embassy of Italy in Doha and Katara Cultural Village Foundation, “No boundaries” belongs to the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation aimed at promoting abroad the evolution of the Italian contemporary art. The exhibition is part of the official programme of events organized on the occasion of the 15th Day of Contemporary Art, which falls in Italy on the 12th of October.

The message of the exhibition is powerful. Art knows no borders. It goes beyond any barriers and rejects all constrictions. To flourish, it must be free. For Caterina it means no limits, no divisions and no restrictions. Art implies also fluidity and dialogue. This dialogue is firstly visible in the close relationship between her canvas and porcelains, but it is also emblematic of Caterina’s willingness to transcend the constraints of pre-conceived artistic boundaries, whether self-imposed or enforced from conventions.

The speech of H.E. the Ambassador of Italy in Qatar, Pasquale Salzano, at the opening of the exhibition:

“Welcome to the opening of the exhibition “No Boundaries” organized by the Embassy of Italy in Doha and Katara – Cultural Village Foundation. This event is officially part of the initiative supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, aimed at promoting Italian contemporary art abroad. Let me thank first of all Dr. Khaled Al Sulaiti for the excellent ongoing cooperation that significantly contributes to the strengthening of the relations between Italy and Qatar, while offering cultural programmes that benefit our communities.
We have decided to resume our cultural journey after the summer break from a unique collection of canvas and porcelains created by the Italian artist Caterina Varchetta, precisely from Naples – where I come from – but based in Doha, where she lives with her family.
I would like to thank Caterina for sharing with us her talent and sensitivity, expressed through outstanding artworks that show the tight connections between Italy and Qatar.
“No boundaries” embodies at best the close relations between our Countries, that are always eager to reach higher levels of cooperation, including in the field of culture, where new creative codes of artistic expressions are emerging also thanks to these growing contacts.
Exposed to local influences and inspired by the landscapes of Qatar, Caterina applies to canvas and porcelains a very personal artistic language, mixing Italian traditions and Qatari symbols. As a consequence, her artworks engage without limits and restrictions in an open dialogue between two cultures.
Here it is the powerful message of “No boundaries”. Art knows no borders. It goes beyond any barriers and rejects labels, constrictions and divisions. This is exactly the approach that Italy and Qatar share towards art and culture, which need to remain free and inclusive.
I will let you now enjoy this wonderful exhibition – on display at Katara until October 13th – but let me thank you all again for attending the opening. I really hope you will appreciate this intense journey through the unique collection of Caterina Varchetta.”