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Italy’s security force Carabinieri celebrates 205th anniversary. Article published by the Gulf Times

One of the Italian Armed Forces’ most prestigious and ancient unit, the Carabinieri Corps, which participated in the Qatar National Day celebrations in Doha last year, yesterday celebrated the 205th anniversary from its foundation in 1814, the Italian Ambassador Pasquale Salzano said.

The Carabinieri, formally “Arma dei Carabinieri”, is the national gendarmerie under the authority of the Italian Ministry of Defence, who primarily carries out domestic policing duties, according to a statement issued yesterday by the envoy. It is one of Italy’s main law enforcement agencies and they participate in missions abroad, he explained. “We are particularly proud that Carabinieri also ensure the security of Italian diplomatic missions abroad. Some carabinieri are on duty at the embassy of Italy in Doha, very committed colleagues who work every day to ensure the smooth development of our daily activities”.

The Italian Carabinieri are very well known and appreciated in Qatar, ambassador Salzano recalled.Last December, on the occasion of the Qatar National Day, the band of the Carabinieri Corps performed a special repertoire of Italian classical and opera music at Katara Open Theatre, along the Corniche during the National Day parade and also at Darb Al Saai in Al Sadd.

“This is just one of the many examples of the excellent bilateral relations and a sign of our long-lasting friendship based on mutual trust and admiration. What Qatari Authorities and people appreciate about the Carabinieri is that they represent a corps at the same time innovative and anchored to its values and traditions. Dedication, commitment and compassion constantly inspire them in carrying out their many task to protect and assist people, both in Italy and abroad,” the envoy said.

“I would like to congratulate the Commander General of the Carabinieri, Giovanni Nistri, as well as all the many courageous women and men who are part of the Carabinieri Corps, on this very special occasion for the Italian institutions and the whole country”, the Ambassador said. “The Carabinieri Corps in its dual role as a police and armed force is ever present in the lives of citizens, from largest cities to small towns and villages in Italy, protecting and helping them to deal even with simple routine issues and emergencies. Defending people and listening to their daily problems is one of the many facets of their important role”.

“Carabinieri’s dual role, as well as their presence in every part of the country, were and still are today the most significant characteristics of the corps. As a result of the particular combination of armed force and police authority, the Carabinieri has the responsibility of defending the nation, its institutions and resources, but they also participate in military and policing operations abroad, and through international mandates and agreements they take part in the reconstruction of local police forces in troubled areas where peacekeeping forces are present,” Ambassador Salzano added.