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Quadro macroeconomico


Quadro macroeconomico

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Qatari economy has been one of the fastest growing emerging market economies in the world also in 2007.
The Gross Domestic Product of Qatar for 2007 reached the amount of 232,4 billion Qatari Riyals (63,8 billion US$) with a nominal growth rate of 12,5%  compared to 2006. Surging oil and gas prices and production combined with a wise vision of the economic policies are fuelling a more and more sparkling economy.
Economic growth has been a constant theme for the past ten years. The Qatar Statistics Authority has estimated Qatar's real economic growth for 2008 at 15.4 per cent. Oil and Gas account for 55,7% of GDP, roughly 85% of export earnings and 70% of government revenues. Sustained high oil prices and increased natural gas exports in recent years have helped build Qatar’s budget and trade surpluses and foreign reserves. Inflation in Qatar has grown in recent years and reached 14% in 2007 driven in large part by rapid increases in rental values for housing and commercial real estate. Qatar policy of economic diversification has led to a surge in investment in projects for the export of LNG and petrochemicals.