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Fare Cinema - Movie set-design speaks Italian



Fare Cinema - Movie set-design speaks Italian

The Embassy of Italy to the State of Qatar, in partnership with Msheireb Museums (MM), presents the conference “Movie set-design speaks Italian. A talk with Italian movie set-designers Alida Cappellini e Giovanni Licheri”.

The event, which will take place on September 23rd in the Bin Jelmood House (MM), is part of “Fare Cinema - The Italian Movie Industry”, an initiative launched by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote Italian quality film production abroad. 100 testimonials of the Italian cinema sent to 100 capitals – among them Doha – to celebrate Italy’s great tradition of quality cinema.

The crafts of film-making: “Fare Cinema” focuses this year on the many “film-making crafts”, on the different professions of the trade – movie set-designers, actors, directors, scriptwriters, directors of photography, composers and so on. They all make up the complex mechanism of film production and every one of them, in front of a camera or behind it, contributes to the success of movies in Italy and abroad.

To open “Fare Cinema” in Qatar the Embassy of Italy has invited Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri, two movie set and stage designers that have dedicated their professional life to interior design and furniture, applying their expertise to the fields of cinema, theatre, TV shows and art exhibitions. Alida and Giovanni already worked in Qatar in 2011 for “I segreti del mare – Sea’s secrets”, a television and theater event about the history of Qatar throughout music, dancing and showings.

The focus of the event is cinema and design: Alida and Giovanni will explain by showing their works how movie set and stage design is an essential element for successful films and how this contributes significantly to distinguish the Italian film-making industry abroad, especially through the choice of beautiful locations and magnificent architectures, and attention to furniture, details and style.

At the conference H.E. Pasquale Salzano, Ambassador of Italy to the State of Qatar, will address the guests with introductory remarks.